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Changing Fashion for Good: How Known Supply is Making a Difference

In today’s world, we’re all trying to be a bit kinder to our planet and the people on it. This includes thinking about where our clothes come from and how they’re made.

Historically marked by significant environmental footprints, labor issues, and excessive waste, a movement towards sustainability and ethical practices is underway. At the forefront is a company called Known Supply, a clothing brand deeply committed to sustainable practices and setting a new standard for the fashion world.

Embracing Sustainability: Known Supply's Core Mission

Known Supply has a powerful yet straightforward mission: to humanize the apparel industry.

This includes the environmental aspects of sustainability and extends to include fair labor practices, supply chain transparency, and fostering community connections. Known Supply's vision is to redefine the production, purchase, and perception of clothing, by prioritizing the individuals behind the garments. By doing this, they hope to make the world of fashion more friendly and fair for everyone.

Leading Change in the Fashion Industry

Known Supply is spearheading efforts to clean up the fashion industry. The brand emphasizes the use of organic and sustainable materials, sourcing exclusively GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton and other eco-friendly materials.

This approach significantly reduces the environmental impact associated with conventional cotton farming, such as pesticide usage and water consumption, ensuring the materials' safety and sustainability.

Additionally, Known Supply is a leader in supply chain transparency. Each garment features a tag that shares the story of the artisan who crafted it, offering consumers a direct connection to the artisan's profile on the company's website.

This level of transparency is uncommon in the fashion sector and nurtures a sense of connection and accountability among consumers.

The brand focuses on crafting high-quality, timeless pieces designed to outlast fast fashion trends. By prioritizing durability and classic designs, Known Supply encourages a shift away from disposable fashion culture, urging consumers to invest in fewer, longer-lasting garments.

Known Supply's dedication to sustainability extends beyond its own practices. The brand actively advocates for change across the fashion industry, engaging in collaborations and initiatives that promote sustainable practices. Through education and partnerships, Known Supply is raising awareness about the critical importance of sustainable and ethical fashion choices, inspiring consumers and other brands to adopt more responsible practices.


Known Supply emerges as a beacon of innovation and ethical practices in an industry often criticized for its environmental and social shortcomings. Its unwavering commitment to sustainability, transparency, and the principles of the circular economy not only provides a more ethical choice for consumers but also charts a course towards a more sustainable and interconnected fashion industry.

As Known Supply continues to influence and expand, its mission to humanize the apparel industry serves as a compelling reminder of the potential for fashion to be a force for positive change.

Afterglow Market is thrilled to carry a selection of Known Supply's stylish and sustainable pieces. Our alignment with their mission—humanizing the apparel industry and prioritizing sustainability resonates deeply with our core values.

We are also proud to include Known Supply into our RENEW buy-back program, further cementing our commitment to promoting sustainable and circular fashion.

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