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RENEW Terms & Conditions

LAST UPDATE: April 9th, 2024

Welcome to the Afterglow Market ("AGM") RENEW Program, a pioneering initiative for eco-conscious fashion enthusiasts. This program is powered by third-party software developed by Tern Eco Ltd ("Tern"), a company registered in England and Wales. Through this collaboration, AGM is excited to offer you the Service, which allows you to trade in certain used products from a list of approved sustainable brands in exchange for a discount voucher ("Discount Code").

Understanding These Terms
When you see capitalized terms in this document, they have specific meanings, detailed within the context they are used. These defined terms help clarify the provisions of these Terms & Conditions.
To use the Service, you must:
  • Be located within the United States.
  • Own products that meet AGM's eligibility criteria.
  • Access the Service exclusively through the online trade-in portal on the AGM website.
  • Have an aggregate trade-in value of $15.00 or more.
  • Understand that the Service and these Terms are provided in English.
Using the Service
The Service enables you to view and select eligible items for trade-in via AGM's online portal. Items requiring parcels that exceed dimensions of 15 in x 12 in x 6 in or in poor condition will not be eligible. Parcels that exceed the dimensions limit may be subject to additional shipping costs, which will be debited against the aggregate Offer Price of the items submitted. 
The Offer Price for each item is subject to change. By participating, you acknowledge that AGM reserves the right to refuse items or adjust the Offer Price based on item condition or accuracy of the submission.
Collection of Goods
Upon meeting the minimum Offer Price threshold, you will be provided with shipping options. You are responsible for securely packaging and mailing your confirmed items to AGM within 14 days, using the provided Shipping Label. Failure to mail the items or discrepancies in the package may result in adjustments to the Offer Price.
Discount Code Usage
Discount Codes issued by AGM are to be used under specific conditions outlined in the How RENEW Works page of our website, are one-time use only, and will expire 12 months after issuance. They cannot be applied towards the purchase of gift cards but may be used for new, pre-loved, or sale items in-store or online.
Service Termination
AGM reserves the right to temporarily or permanently close the Service with reasonable notice. This closure will not affect any Contracts formed prior to the closure or your rights related to Discount Codes issued through the Service.
Cancellation Rights
You cannot cancel a Contract once your items have been mailed to AGM.
Warranties and Liability
You confirm that any items sold to AGM are authentic and legally yours. AGM's liability is limited to direct losses and damages that are a foreseeable result of our breach of these Terms or negligence, and we are not liable for indirect losses related to commercial or business purposes.
Amendments to Terms
AGM may update these Terms to reflect changes in law or our Service. The Terms in force at the time you use the Service will apply.
Governing Law
These Terms are governed by the laws of the State of Indiana.
Contact Information
For any concerns or queries regarding these Terms or the RENEW Program, please contact us at:
Address: 849 S Rangeline Road, Carmel, Indiana 46032
By participating in the RENEW Program, you agree to these Terms, establishing a contract between you and AGM upon the issuance of a Discount Code for your trade-in items.

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