#renew Program Terms & Conditions

LAST UPDATE: August 17th, 2023


The Afterglow Market LLC (“AGM”) #renew Program promotes a sustainable and circular fashion cycle. By offering AGM gently used clothing from our curated brand list, participants are rewarded with a digital AGM #renew card. These terms and conditions establish the terms of the relationship between AGM and all program participants.


To qualify for the AGM #renew Program, individuals must submit gently used clothing from brands within our approved list. These items must be in respectable condition, devoid of significant wear or damage.

Inventory Intake Form:

Finalizing the buyback requires participants to complete and sign the #renew Inventory Intake Form. This form captures customer details, lists the clothing items AGM is acquiring, and denotes the value to be loaded onto the digital #renew Card. By signing this form, participants validate and accept the terms of the transaction and acknowledge the potential for pricing adjustments post-buyback.

Program Details:

Evaluation and Value Determination:
Items submitted undergo rigorous quality checks. Their value estimate is based on condition, brand prominence, and current market appeal. Participants will be credited an amount equivalent to 50% of the estimated market value of the clothing sold. The credited value factors in the risk AGM takes in reselling the items and the potential for items not being resold.

Promotional Offers:
AGM may occasionally offer promotions that enhance the standard 50% credit rate for select brands or item types. Such promotions will be communicated in advance.

#renew Card Issuance:
Once an item's value is determined, participants receive a digital #renew Card to their registered email, reflecting the credited value of all items in the transaction. Each new #renew transaction will be issued on a separate card.

Using the #renew Card:
This digital card functions similarly to a gift card, valid only for future AGM purchases. As they are a gift card, a #renew card may not be returned or redeemed for cash.

Pricing Adjustments Post Buyback:
AGM reserves the right to adjust the selling price of items bought back, based on factors identified post-evaluation or market trends. However, any adjustment in the resale price will not affect the amount already credited to the participant's #renew card.

Other Terms:

#renew cards, similar to gift cards, are transferable. The recipient of a transferred card must adhere to these terms and conditions.

While #renew Cards do not expire, if AGM ceases operations, cardholders will get a 30-day email notice to redeem their balance. After this period, any unused balances will be forfeited.

Purchases made with the #renew Card follow AGM's standard return policies. Refunds will be credited back to the #renew Card.

Modification & Termination:
AGM retains the right to modify or end the #renew Program, given 30 days' prior notice.

All personal data from the buyback process will align with AGM’s Privacy Policy.

Lost or Stolen Cards:
AGM isn't responsible for lost or stolen #renew Cards. Treat them as cash; they can't be replaced or reimbursed.

Engaging with the #renew Program indicates your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Dispute Resolution and Governing Law:

Disputes concerning the #renew Program will be arbitrated in Indiana. Judgment can be entered in any court with jurisdiction. Both parties are responsible for their own arbitration costs unless determined otherwise by the arbitrator.

Waiver of Class Action:
Both parties agree to resolve disputes individually. Class actions or similar proceedings will not be pursued.

Governing Law:
These terms shall be governed by Indiana law, without considering conflict of law principles.

If the arbitration clause doesn't apply, judicial proceedings will occur in federal or state courts in Indiana. Both parties consent to the jurisdiction and venue of these courts.

Should any provision of these terms be deemed unenforceable, it will be limited or eliminated to the minimum extent necessary, while the remaining provisions will remain in effect.