Our Team
Owner & Store Manager - Rachel Mirabella

Hi! I'm Rachel Mirabella, the proud owner and operator of Afterglow Market (AGM), an eco-conscious clothing store nestled in the beautiful city of Carmel, Indiana. I grew up in Indianapolis, but my career has meant living all over the country, most notably Seattle, Chicago, Louisville, and Austin, before finally settling down in Carmel. Each place I've lived has contributed to my love for fashion and sustainability, which I've brought together in one place at Afterglow Market.

Aside from running AGM, I'm a mom to two incredible kids that keep me on my toes, a charming son who's five, and an adorable seven-year-old daughter. There’s a fur baby in our family too, who they consider a brother, Benny. Becoming a mother has fueled my dedication to creating a better, more sustainable world for them and future generations.

Outside of work, you can often find me with my sweet husband at the gym, hiking, practicing yoga, or otherwise enjoying activities that help slow down the aging process. I also love tending to my garden, volunteering at my kids' school, spending time with friends and family, and petting every dog I see.

Before diving into this exciting venture, I had the pleasure of owning and running PillowTalk, a women’s boutique in Carmel. Those six years taught me so much about the industry and connected me deeply with the local community.

My previous experience as the Senior Manager for a national chain of boutiques further honed my understanding of the industry's impact on the environment. Opening new stores and managing existing ones allowed me to witness firsthand the challenges and opportunities for building a more sustainable fashion world.

One of my greatest passions lies in promoting eco-friendly and sustainable fashion. At Afterglow Market, we have not only committed to selling clothing that’s been manufactured with minimal strain on Mother Earth, but also implemented a unique buyback program, encouraging our customers to return gently used clothing for generous store credit. It's all about embracing the circular economy, reducing clothing waste, and showing that every small choice we make can lead to positive change.

With Afterglow Market, I'm not just running a business; I'm on a mission to inspire change. I firmly believe that fashion can be both stylish and sustainable, and I'm committed to making a positive impact in the industry. Together with our community, we can pave the way for a brighter, greener, and more conscious future—one garment at a time. Thank you for joining me on this marvelous journey!