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Next Event:

🗓️ Date: Thursday, January 25th
⏰ Time: 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
📍 Location: Afterglow Market, 846 S. Rangeline Road, Carmel, IN 46032

General Information:

You MUST RSVP to attend the event. Please either direct message us on Instagram or Facebook or send an email to

This first event is LADIES ONLY. Even though we do have two changing rooms (and our restroom) that offer privacy to try on clothes, we want all attendees to feel safe and comfortable at all times.

We may have specific blended and men's events in the future, but for now it's ladies only. That said, you can still bring your men's brands to TRADE, RENEW, DONATE or RECYCLE.

You are under no obligation to leave items with us to donate or recycle. You may take back your clothes that weren’t picked up in the trade if you wish. In addition, if you'd like to donate or recycle on your own, that is OK too. We'll even help point you in the right direction!  

Lastly, we will have a camera set up in one corner off the store. For those that feel comfortable, we encourage you to show off new finds and record other wins so others can see how much fun we are having. You can also do the same on your personal accounts. Make sure you tag us!

How to Get the Most Out of the "The Style Revival"

Let's all agree to act like grown ups and lead with kindness - anything else will not be tolerated...

If you’re going for an item at the same time as another woman, give her the right of way.

If you try on an item and rule it out, give it to someone else who showed interest.

If you notice someone hasn’t found much, offer to help.

If you have an outfit idea or styling tip, share it!

If you see someone looking awesome, tell them!

This is just as much about nurturing a sense of community and finding new friends, as it is about the clothing.


✅ Select Gently Loved Items: Look through your wardrobe and pick out clothes you no longer wear. Ensure they are in good condition - clean, and free from major tears or stains. These are the items you will either TRADE, RENEW, or DONATE.

✅ Pull Together Wearables at the End of Their Lifespan: We can RECYCLE all textiles, including socks, underwear, sheets, pillow cases, towels, linens, shoes, and handbags in any condition. Ripped, torn or stained, your oldies will get a new life with the help of For Days and their recycling partners. Please keep in mind that fabric scraps cannot be included in this bag. Also, everything must be washed. Unfortunately, we will have to refuse unclean items.

--> Each Take Back Bag is $20. It measures 24" x 24" and can hold 15lbs. <--

This is what it looks like:

✅ Categorize Your Items: Make a first attempt at grouping similar items together - Those you want to TRADE with others, any sustainable brands you'd like to RENEW (sell to us - find the current list of brands we take back here), and the other stuff to DONATE and RECYCLE. This will make the event more productive for all.

✅ Pace Yourself!: We plan on having these events often. There is no need to back up the truck.

Rule of Thumb: If you need to take multiple trips or help bringing stuff in, you may have brought too much. 


How RENEW Works

We offer store credit for approved sustainable brands equal to 50% of the current estimated market value. We primarily determine this value by recent sales on Marketplace Facilitators (like Postmark and eBay) and personal experience.

Please note that you may be able to get more cash or trade through a consignment arrangement. Our offers reflect the risk we are taking for the items not selling and providing you with immediate compensation.

The store credit can be used immediately.

How DONATE Works

All donated items for this event will go to the Dove Recovery House for Women. Charities are subject to change and determined prior to each event.


For all RECYCLED items processed by us, credits offered through the For Days Take Back Bag program will be added to the Afterglow Market account.

All credits will be assigned to charities. Our intention is to focus on groups and individuals that support young people in preparing for important events such as job interviews, proms, and other milestones. All gifts will be documented and disclosed on our website or social media, with any personal information being omitted.

Lastly, if you'd like to go direct to For Days and set up to receive credits on your own account, that's GREAT too! In the future, our plan is to have Take Back Bags in stock at the store so you can grab them anytime you need it. Until then, you will need to order your bags from their website.

We can't wait to see you there for a night of fashion, sustainability, and community! Let us know if you have any questions. You can either direct message us on Instagram or send us an email at