How RENEW Works

The Afterglow Market RENEW program offers a straightforward and environmentally conscious way to streamline circular fashion, allowing you to easily update your wardrobe and support sustainable fashion without the typical hassles of reselling.

How It Works:
  1. Initiate Your Trade-In: Begin by visiting our online portal, where you can select items for trade-in from our list of eligible brands, including those we carry and other approved sustainable brands.
  2. Prepare Your Items: Make sure all items are clean, freshly laundered, and in good condition, free from any stains or damage to ensure they qualify for resale.
  3. Ship Your Items: Package your items using any box or bag, attach the free postage label from our portal, and send them to us. Keep the postage proof for any courier-related queries. If you are local, you can also elect to drop off you items at the store or have us them up off your porch if you live in Carmel, Fishers, or Noblesville, Indiana.
  4. Assessment and Reward: We'll assess your items upon receipt. If they match the trade-in form submission, expect an email with your store credit code within 21 days.
Important Notes:
  • Incorrect or damaged items will result in adjusted store credit.
  • All trade-ins must be registered online. Unregistered items will not be credited or returned.
Benefits of Participating:
  • Tiered Credit System: Earn credits based on the item type and brand, with higher rewards for high-demand items.
  • Eligible Items: We accept men’s and women’s clothing in good condition from the brands we carry and other approved brands.
  • Convenient Drop-Off: Complete your trade-in online and mail us your item(s). You can also drop off items at Afterglow Market store for faster processing.
Spending Your Store Credit:
  • Vouchers entitle trade-in customers for money off their purchase.
  • Limit of one store credit voucher per purchase.
  • Credit vouchers must be used in one transaction; unused balances will be forfeited.
  • Credits can't be used to buy gift cards but are applicable on all new, pre-loved, or sale items for purchase in store or online.
  • Vouchers expire 12 months after issuance.
  • When returning an order placed using a trade-in voucher, please contact us at support@afterglowmarket.com.
Handling Unapproved Items Due to Condition:
All trade-ins are subject to a physical inspection. The final amount of the voucher may differ from the initial quote received. The price per item will not change, but the item could be rejected, in which case zero credit given. 
Please note that we are not offering to buy back products until they have been confirmed and their resale condition has been verified. If an item is not accepted, it will not be returned to you.
Items that don’t meet our standards due to condition issues will be sustainably recycled. Please ensure all items are freshly washed and undamaged before sending.
  • We reserve the right to refuse items at our discretion.
  • A trade-in must have a minimum value of $15.00.
  • Credits values may change without notice based on demand and market conditions. 
  • If you forget to include a registered item, a new trade-in must be initiated and no credit will be issued.
  • Unregistered items in a sent package will not be credited.
  • RENEW items find new homes through our website, and in store.
  • After 30 days, unsold items may be moved to clearance on 3rd party marketplaces. 
  • Unsellable items are held for recycling or donation. Service providers are selected at our discretion.

Review the RENEW Terms & Conditions HERE.