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How Afterglow Market Empowers Customers to Move Past Fast Fashion

When you see our prices, you might notice they're a bit higher compared to the fast fashion deals advertised elsewhere. You might also observe that we don’t run as many sales as other retailers. This is true — but there's a bigger picture to consider.

The reality is that in the world of fashion, someone is always paying. We want to do our part to create a different world, one where you get beautiful, high quality clothes while also creating a decent life for the people who made them. Yes, there might be a slightly higher cost upfront. However, we provide a way for you to balance that cost over time, refresh your wardrobe, and support the health of our planet and its people simultaneously.

Here is how we do it…

Choosing Brands: A Commitment Beyond Clothing

We select brands aligned with our values. The brands we showcase emphasize responsible practices, fair wages, and ethical sourcing of materials. Shopping with us is more than just a clothing purchase — it's a commitment to supporting a business approach that balances profits with the well-being of people and our planet.

The Hidden Cost of Cheap Clothes

We get it, inexpensive clothes are fun and tempting. But too often, it comes with hidden costs.

Low-Quality Materials: One of the main reasons fast fashion garments are affordable is because they're made of lower-quality materials, which might feel great initially but can deteriorate quickly. Sure, you didn’t pay that much for it — but you didn’t get much use (or joy) from it, either.

Underpaid Labor: One of the industry's troubling secrets is many fast fashion brands manufacture their products in countries where labor is cheap, and working conditions are often poor. The workers in these factories are frequently underpaid and work in unsafe conditions. This unethical practice drastically reduces production costs for the companies.

Environmental Costs: Fast fashion's rapid production means a significant environmental toll. Fast fashion mills consume vast amounts of water, release harmful dyes and chemicals into water sources, and produce waste at an alarming rate. Their focus on quantity over quality means that many of their products end up in landfills sooner rather than later.

Good Choices Might Cost a Bit More Upfront – But Not Necessarily in the Long Run

Opting for quality materials and that ensuring workers are paid fairly might mean a slightly higher initial price. The brands we associate with prioritize these practices. They envision a world with contented people and a thriving environment.

We like that idea — and we also like that quality, lasting pieces we sell will deliver low “cost per wear”. Consider that dress you picked up on sale at a fast fashion store for $38. You might have worn it twice, washed it, noticed the pilling in the fabric, and hung it back in the closet (come to think of it, it’s still hanging there today). Your cost per wear on that dress was $19 — and that dress has a 60% chance of ending up in a landfill just one year after you bought it.

Compare that with a high quality dress you get from Afterglow Market. You might pay more at the checkout register, but the fabric is breathable and durable, made to go through the wash and look great wear after wear. A piece like this might get worn a dozen times, earning you compliments along the way. In the long run, your cost per wear for a quality piece like this could be half (or even less) compared with fast fashion.

And then, there’s our #renew program.

Refreshing Your Wardrobe and Saving with the #renew Program

We know prices matter. That's why we created the #renew program.

When you buy from us today and want to refresh your look later, you can bring back your gently loved items. We'll give you store credit for them. This way, over time, you’re not only saving money but also making eco-friendly choices. You get to refresh your wardrobe without the guilt of waste — and you give clothing a second life, saving it from the landfill and letting someone else enjoy it.

Afterglow Balance Rewards: Making Sustainability Even More Affordable

We're also excited to introduce the Afterglow Balance Rewards program, designed to make sustainable fashion even more affordable. For every $1 you spend, either in-store or online, you earn 5 reward points. These points can quickly add up, allowing you to redeem them for substantial discounts on future purchases.

To kickstart your rewards journey:

- Receive a bonus of 500 points just for signing up—that's an immediate $5 value!
- Opt out of using a bag in-store and earn an additional 100 points.
- Follow us on Instagram and pocket another 100 points.
- Celebrate your birthday with us and receive a generous 500-point gift!

Our Promise to Do Right

Although you may invest a bit more at the beginning, our careful selection of partner brands means that your new clothes are made from quality materials that will last — and our #renew and Afterglow Balance Rewards programs ensures that over time, the costs will balance out. That way, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: ethical choices and budget-friendly shopping.

So, remember that when it comes to refreshing your wardrobe, you have a choice — and your choice can change the way the fashion industry treats people, natural resources, and the environment. Afterglow Market is the place where you can find the clothes you will love, keep fabrics out of the landfill, and support the sustainable fashion movement — all in a way that fits for your budget.

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