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Embracing a Sustainable Future: Afterglow Market Welcomes Pact

At Afterglow Market, our commitment to the environment and social responsibility is who we are. We actively seek to incorporate sustainability and ethical practices into our operations. This dedication starts with our choice of brands. That's why we're thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Pact, a trailblazing brand synonymous with eco-friendly, fair trade, and organic clothing.

Pact's Sustainability Practices

Pact is not your ordinary clothing brand. It stands out for its relentless pursuit of sustainability and its eco-friendly practices that are deeply embedded in its DNA. At its core, Pact is a purpose-driven company that sets an extraordinary example for the fashion industry and consumers alike. Their mission to create Earth's Favorite™ Clothing isn't a tagline—it's a way of life.

Pact's commitment to the environment starts from the ground up—quite literally. The company sources 100% organic cotton, which uses 91% less water compared to conventional cotton, and is free from toxic chemicals and genetically modified seeds. This not only reduces harmful environmental impact but also ensures the cotton farmers and their communities aren't exposed to harmful chemicals.

In addition, Pact takes a unique approach towards packaging. They have completely ditched traditional plastic poly bags, a significant pollutant in the fashion industry. Instead, they ship products in reusable, biodegradable bags made from renewable plant-based ingredients.

Labor Practices at Pact

Pact also champions ethical labor practices, aligning perfectly with our values at Afterglow Market. The brand is Fair Trade Certified™, meaning they have met rigorous social, environmental, and economic standards to promote safe, inclusive working conditions. The workers in the Pact supply chain are ensured fair wages, and there's a premium added to every Pact purchase that goes directly back to the workers for them to decide how to use - often for community projects or emergencies.

Moreover, Pact's factories maintain GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification. This certification means that they not only maintain eco-friendly practices in their production but also ensure the social criteria are met, which includes no forced or child labor, safe and hygienic working conditions, fair wages, and more.

A Partnership Rooted in Shared Values

At Afterglow Market, we are incredibly excited to carry the Pact brand. We deeply admire Pact's unwavering dedication to sustainability, fair trade, and organic clothing, which aligns seamlessly with our values. We believe that style doesn’t have to come at the expense of our environment or the people who make the clothes we sell.

This partnership is a testament to our mission to make sustainable and ethical fashion the norm, not the exception. The inclusion of Pact in our offering brings us one step closer to achieving this goal.

Through our partnership with Pact, we hope to offer our customers clothing options that make them look good, feel good, and do good. We are enthusiastic about the positive change we can drive together with Pact, and we invite all of our valued customers to join us on this journey of sustainable and ethical fashion.

After all, the most fashionable thing we can wear is a brighter future. And with partners like Pact, we're making it a reality—one garment at a time.


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