Elevate Your Eco-Friendly Style: Afterglow Market Welcomes Mate the Label

We're beyond excited to welcome Mate the Label at Afterglow Market. It's a partnership where chic meets sustainable, and where eco-friendly practices reign supreme. As the world moves towards sustainability, carrying Mate the Label is a testament to our commitment to offering not just high-quality and stylish clothes, but also ones that respect the environment.

Introducing Mate the Label

For those unfamiliar, Mate the Label is a clean essentials brand, offering an array of minimalistic and effortlessly stylish clothing, with an underlying emphasis on sustainability. Each piece of Mate the Label clothing is ethically made in Los Angeles with non-toxic, natural and certified organic materials. Their collections embody a laid-back, Californian cool aesthetic, offering timeless wardrobe staples that are as beautiful as they are kind to the environment.

Sustainability at the Heart

Our shared commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly practices is what made it a perfect fit. Afterglow Market is all about making fashion responsible and accessible. By introducing Mate the Label to our collections, we’re amplifying our mission.

Both Afterglow Market and Mate the Label have strict standards for sustainability. We meticulously curate our products, ensuring they are ethically sourced and produced with minimal harm to the environment. Mate the Label mirrors these practices, utilizing fabrics like organic cotton, and using a dyeing process that saves water and energy, thus lowering their environmental impact.

Clothes That Care

But what sets Mate the Label apart is the notion that eco-friendly and sustainable practices don't stop at production. They prioritize the lifecycle of the clothes and believe in cultivating a culture of longevity, encouraging customers to invest in quality pieces that can last for years, not just a season.

In line with this, Mate the Label crafts each piece to stand the test of time in both durability and style. They understand that sustainable fashion isn't just about how clothes are made, but also how long they're worn. This means we'll be offering pieces that you’ll love beyond just one fashion season.

Join the Movement

At Afterglow Market, we are continuously working towards reducing our carbon footprint and providing fashion choices that you can feel good about. With the inclusion of Mate the Label, we're making it easier for you to be part of the eco-fashion revolution.

We invite you to explore the latest collections from Mate the Label, now available at Afterglow Market. Not only will you be upgrading your wardrobe with elegant, comfortable, and versatile pieces, but you'll also be making a significant contribution to sustainable and responsible fashion.