Eco-Friendly Meets Chic: Afterglow Market Welcomes Bloi

We're super excited to share some fantastic news with all of you. Afterglow Market is now proudly stocking Bloi, one of the pioneers in eco-friendly, organic fashion.

Why are we so thrilled about this partnership, you might ask? It's simple: Bloi's core values align seamlessly with ours, and it feels like a match made in fashion heaven!

At Afterglow Market, we're all about promoting sustainable, ethical fashion. We believe that style and sustainability can, and should, go hand in hand. This belief forms the bedrock of our commitment to only carry the brands that echo our ethos. Enter Bloi, a brand that not only shares our commitment to ethical, sustainable fashion, but also champions the same values. 

A Commitment to Sustainable Fabrics

The beauty of Bloi lies in its commitment to 100% organic cotton clothing, all of which is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. This means that every piece of clothing Bloi produces is crafted with cotton that is not only eco-friendly, but also supports fair trade. Bloi takes it a step further by ensuring no harmful herbicides or pesticides are used in the production process. This perfect blend of environmental consciousness and style is exactly what we stand for at Afterglow Market.

A Commitment to Quality and Style

But it's not just about sustainability, right? We also care deeply about fashion, style, and quality - and so does Bloi. Their timeless, versatile designs made with love in Barcelona offer an aesthetic that aligns beautifully with Afterglow’s eclectic collection. From the elegant 'Oldgod' dress to casual tees, Bloi offers a unique balance of style and comfort that can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

Eco-Friendly Meets Chic: Afterglow Market Welcomes Bloi

We are proud and excited to welcome Bloi to Afterglow Market. Together, we're committed to offering you a fashion experience that's not just about looking great, but also about feeling great thanks to the choices you're making for our planet.

So come on in, explore the Bloi collection, and embrace the powerful combination of style and sustainability. See you at the store!